Monday, April 23, 2012

5 months old!

I know, I know, I am way behind on blogging.  I'm kind of busy.  ;)
So even though Kathryn turns 6 months old this Friday, I still wanted to talk about her at 5 months.  I'm keeping this as kind of a digital scrapbook of her life, month by month, because I can't imagine being able to actually scrapbook. 
*At 5 months her weight was 14.7lbs.  I tried to measure her and I think it was 27" but I'm not sure.  She's wiggly.
*She officially started rolling over! She has be doing in before but now she's not afraid of it.  It used to scare her, especially because she could roll back to tummy but couldn't figure out how to get back on her back.  Being on her tummy is kind of scary to little ones.
*She is also handing out kisses to people other than mommy!  She kisses her daddy and has done it to some friends and other family members on occasion.
*I want to remember most about 5 months how loud she is.  She has zero regard for anyone else and I love it.  Scream, blow raspberries, and keep lighting up the world with that smile baby girl!