About Me

Welcome!  My name is Jessica and I am thrilled that you've stopped by.  This blog is dedicated to sharing great recipes, how-to's, and randomosity [um, Webster?].  Sometimes I may write about serious things, sometimes funny, and a whole lot of yummy recipes.  I'm a recently displaced city girl living in rural Kentucky so you may find a lot of tongue-in-cheek remarks about cows and lack of street lights, but it's all in good fun. 

My husband is a "Recreation Minister" and I work alongside him ministering in our community and to the college students in our town.  We have been married for 4 years and are expecting our first child, a little girl, this October. 

I refer to myself as a "baker for hire".  I don't have a storefront but I am available to create delicious desserts [or light fare] for your next event. 

I am also a Pampered Chef consultant--feel free to visit that site.  I'd love to do a show for you some time!

Finally [but really first and foremost], I am a follower of Christ.  I pray that you are blessed in some way by my quirky little blog.