Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm back, baby!

Did you know I was gone?  Hmm.  Well, anyway, I have taken a little blogging hiatus due to the fact that I was so busy with Christmas and simply couldn't make time for this.  Sometimes, something has to give.  Therefore, this post is bound to be choc full of word vomit.

I spent the week of Christmas buried under 210 dozen cinnamon rolls, give or take 200.  There were many other catering items on the list that had to be delivered by Christmas Eve.  I ain't doin' that again. 

We had a White Christmas!  I mean, WHITE!  I'd share some photos but the camera cord is MIA at the moment.  It's probably in my suitcase, which is only halfway unpacked.  On Christmas day, we tracked through the snow up to my inlaws, which is 2 hours away.  It was a nice day.  It was kind of sad, though, because 2 of the family members weren't with us this year, and won't be ever again. 

The day after Christmas we loaded up after church and drove through more snow [I think there was 7 inches when we left our house] to my parents house in NC.  Actually, because of the weather, we went south to Atlanta to spend the night.  We put out a desperate tweet [thank goodness for social networking!] and some friends answered our plea for a place to sleep, dog and all!  We got to have breakfast with some dear friends so all in all, I was thankful for the snow!  We arrived at my parents that night and spent 4 days there.  My brother and his wife, whom we had not seen in about 3 years also drove in from TX.  We had a 55th Anniversary party for my grandparents and even my aunt and cousins got to come in for that!  It was great to have so much family time.  At my parents house, there were 6 people and 5 dogs.  Let's just say Bailey had the time of her life.

What about you?  Did you have a nice Christmas?  Get anything good like an iPad or new sheets?  I got neither, but those are pretty good gifts in my book.  I did get some new cookbooks and the pasta attachment for my Kitchenaid.  No more rolling out pasta by hand---hooray!

Well, speaking of pasta, I'd better go now.  I'm making fettuccine Alfredo with chicken for a college basketball team tonight.  If I don't blog tomorrow, you'll know I was buried under a sea of Parmesan. 

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