Monday, July 30, 2012

Lord Help Us

Since I last wrote, the little miss has started crawling.  I saw her crawl for the first time on July 13 [right as her dad left the house so he missed it] but officially has been crawling e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e for about 2 weeks. Here she is with some protective gear [um, my socks] for her knees.
Before she started crawling she was pulling up on whatever she could reach, especially the coffee table.  It was all fine and dandy until she started to fall down and then fall forward, smacking her darling little forehead on the hard table.  Assured that the purple knot above her eye would have someone calling CPS, I decided to move the coffee table to our bedroom.  It doesn't fit in, but Kathryn is much safer with it out of the living room.  And I kind of like not having it.  For one thing, we actually eat at our table. Kathryn likes the open space to drag her toys out.

When I leave her sight she will start to fuss and then realize that she can follow me.  And follow me, she does. When she's working hard, she sticks her tongue out to the side like her dad.  She'll also take off crawling and just say "mama" over and over again until she finds me.  It's so cute. I'm learning that there's no way to keep her out of everything, but we are keeping her safe so that's what matters. It's so fun to watch her discover life in a whole new way: on hands and knees!

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  1. She's so precious, Jessica! Love the sock idea. I'll have to use it when Adelaide starts crawling. :)