Friday, October 12, 2012

Kathryn's First Fall

Officially she was with us for part of last fall, but we didn't take her on any hayrides or let her sit on the porch with our pumpkins.  So here's some of our recent activities in photos. We've been enjoying our favorite time of year! I think it's her favorite, too.

Spending the day at Huber's Farm

 Her first hayride.
 Helping Daddy find the perfect pumpkin.
 He found it!

 She had to have her own tiny pumpkin.
 Ending the day at The Comfy Cow & trying her first ice cream. Pumpkin, of course!
Around the House 
 Above, she seems to be pondering somethig, perhaps "The Great Pumpkin"?
 Trying to pick up her big pumpkin at church.

 As you can see, she really likes to sit next to the pumpkins.
Around the Kirtley Home


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  1. LOVE her hair! And your porch with all the pumpkins. I'm a little jealous of that last one.