Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kathryn Grace at 2 months

My little angel is 2 months and a couple weeks old.  I just cannot believe it.  Something happens to the time/space continuum when you have a baby and all of a sudden entire weeks will go by in the time it used to take for a day to pass. 

-She weighs 9lbs and 8oz.  This is up almost a pound since her 1 month visit, and just about 3lbs since her birth.

-She is 22 inches long [2 3/4" since birth] and her head circumference is 15 inches.

-This makes her in the 10th percentile for growth, but it's right on track for her. 

-She can hold her head up well and turn it from side to side.  When she hears me or Justin talking to her she will turn her head quickly toward the sound of our voice.  She still hates tummy time though.

-She smiles like a champ!  I mean this little girl loves to smile.  We saw her first smiles at 2 1/2 weeks and if you don't believe me, ask our pediatrician; she smiled at him with direct eye contact when he picked her up at her 3 week visit. 

-She is also quite the talker.  She started cooing at us at 5 weeks and now tries to have conversations when she isn't busy smiling.  She is trying to laugh.  She'll get so tickled at something and almost giggle, but we aren't quite there yet.

-She can reach out and grab objects, especially the toys that hang from her carseat or bouncer.  She loves the crinkly toys and tries to put them in her mouth. 

-Our little girl is determined to suck her thumb.  She can't hold a pacifier in her mouth so she has decided that her thumb is better.  If her thumb doesn't work, she just uses her fist.  I even heard her wake up the other night and suck on her hand until she went back to sleep.  Self-soothing is awesome!

-Speaking of sleep, she usually takes a morning and afternoon nap [each lasting 2 or 3 hours] and sleeps about 7 hours at night.  I'll take it!

-What I want to remember most about this age is her sweet smile and the new things she is discovering every day.  Yesterday she saw herself in a mirror and that brought great joy!  I also love the way she looks at me, with such trust and dependence. 

Slow down sweetie!


  1. Kathryn is adorable, Jessica, and it seems that you are doing an amazing job as her mother. Thanks for paving the way for the rest of us! Hugs.

  2. she is so beautiful! i'm so glad you are getting more sleep!