Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Three Months Old!

My little tater tot is officially 3 months old as of this past Saturday.  Which means that I have officially been in charge of a living and breathing human being [outside of the womb] for 3 months.  With most jobs there is a 90 day trial period where the employee's performance is evaluated and usually receives a pay raise.  If I had to evaluate myself [and my husband] I think we're doing a pretty good job!  I know I won't be getting any raises, but I'm ok with getting paid in giggles, big smiles, and sloppy open mouth kisses.

I don't have any stats on her growth, but I am guessing she's probably gained around a pound in the last month.  She's fitting quite nicely into 3 month clothes because of her cloth diapers.  Yesterday I had her in a disposable and it was fun to see how tiny she still is. 

She is still sleeping pretty well, but sometimes she likes to avoid napping during the day or wake up a couple times at night for a quick feeding---just to mix things up.  On Saturday we finally ripped the band-aid off and moved her from the bassinet to just the flat part of her pack-and-play.  She slept the whole night, much to our surprise!  Unfortunately, she has been waking up a couple of times each night after but that may just be because she's having a growth spurt or something. 

Our little girl is still quite a happy and social baby!  She smiles ALL THE TIME!  She doesn't mind if other people hold her, but she definitely doesn't like it when she can't see me.  When we're out and about I keep her in the Moby wrap and she is content there.  She is definitely a mama's girl.  I'll take it because I know it won't be very long before I'm not #1 anymore.  I got to hear her laugh for the first time last week!  It was one of the sweetest little sounds I've ever heard.  She did it for her daddy on Sunday night, but she isn't doing it all the time yet.

Kathryn has always had great head control and loves to sit up and watch everyone.  She can't sit up on her own, but she likes to be propped up or sit in her Bumbo seat.  She loves to look in mirrors and is still trying her hardest to roll over.  She loves things above her that move.  I have got to make her a mobile this week! 

She has entered the stage of discovering everything with her mouth.  I think she gave up on sucking her thumb; she uses two fingers or just stuffs her whole fist in.  Anything that she can get hold of goes right in her mouth.  Her vision has improved greatly and she loves to watch us from across the room.

Yesterday was a big day.  She became a cousin!  Annabelle Lucia was born to my brother and his wife.  They live in NH but hopefully they'll get to meet soon.  Congratulations!

What I want to remember most about this stage is how excited she is about everything.  I think she will be that way for a long time to come, but it is just so precious.  Sometimes she puts her little hands up by her mouth with that big ol' smile and she looks like a little squirrel.  She has really settled into her environment.  We love to play, read stories, and have family Bible time most nights.  She loves bath time and talking to us from her changing table.  She is, I believe, naturally kind of shy.  When I'm holding her and people come up she kind of smiles and then buries her head in my neck.  I secretly love that.  I can't wait to see what her 4th month brings!

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