Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Strange Land

Today I awakened in a strange land---Ohio.  I had a pretty open week, not a lot to do besides hanging out with some college students.  However, my husband was going away on business to Ohio and decided to bring me along. 
So, we left our house at 8:30 last night, dropped the dog off at her grandparents, and headed north.  We checked into a hotel in Colombus, OH at 1:30am and checked out at 5:30am.  Too bad it wasn't pay by the hour, eh?  We then drove almost 3 hours north to Canton, where I am currently posted up at a darling little coffeehouse just a few minutes up the road from where Justin is working.
I have been doing a lot of baking for clients lately, but I didn't bring the cord to transfer the photos and quite frankly, I don't like recipes without photos.  So that will have to wait, and I'm frustrated about it.
It's a lot chillier up here than down where we live, which I believe is below the Mason Dixon Line.  I know, what a lame southerner I am.  I don't really know where that line is.  I'm pretty sure I'm above it now, though.  I think I'm pretty close to Pennsylvania so I may just take a drive up there.  I'm free for like the next 12 hours. 
I'm sipping some spiced apple cider because I'm afraid the caffeine in a coffee would make me pass out.  I haven't had to go on this little sleep in years.  We woke up to the sound of both our alarms which had been going off for about 17 minutes.  If I can make it until 3, I can check into our hotel and take a nap. 
I'm also listening to 3 women discuss what real revolution in their church would be like.  I bet they think I'm super smart over here, with my fingers quickly dancing across the keyboard of this broken-down laptop.  Little do they know, I'm just a wannabe food blogger who forgot her camera cord. 
Also, a priest just walked in and ordered a muffin the size of a communion goblet.  I think he's with the other ladies; they look Catholic.  Don't you love how I just make all the assumptions?  I'll be doing this all day.  But, the image of the Pope on one of the women's lanyards kind of validates my hypothesis.
I wish I wasn't wearing sweatpants.  I feel slouchy.  I also haven't showered since yesterday morning.  But that's because the hotel last night was less than stellar.
Here's to a random day. 

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  1. i love it when you go rouge and just's very vivid and fluid. i can picture all this like i'm there, in your pocket.