Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm pregnant and I can blog about vomit if I want to...

Today is Monday.  So far I've managed to catch up on the blogs I read, start the dishwasher, projectile vomit all over my shower curtain [followed by scouring the entire bathroom], and eat s'mores in my bed.

I can see the sun rising on week 17 of this pregnancy.  From weeks 11-15 I felt so great, and I guess I got kind of cocky.  Last week I threw up once on Monday and I've started this week off the same way.  It doesn't help that it's not even 50 degrees outside and raining. 

My parents were here all last week.  I wish my mom was still here today because no one likes taking care of themselves when they're sick. 

The worst part about the kind of vomit that comes with pregnancy is how suddenly it occurs.  I can be just minding my own business when suddenly I have to grasp my hand over my mouth and sprint to the nearest drain.  Fortunately I've made it to the toilet [or close to it] each time.  The second worst thing is having to clean the bathroom right after.  I mean, everything that wasn't tied down in my body just came violently forth and now I have to clean.  Thankfully the yucky feeling tends to quickly subside after the vomit leaves my body and I can muster up the energy to get a cloth and a spray bottle.

On a less disgusting note, we did get to see our little potsticker squirming around in my uterus this week.  I managed to convince the midwife how important it was that I have an ultrasound last week while my parents were visiting so that they could see it.  Justin and I went in first while they did the scanning part [I think to make sure it was all normal] and then my parents got to take turns coming in and watching.  We also got a picture but I don't feel like taking the time to put it on here.  It's just a uterus; once you've seen one you've seen 'em all. 

No one told me about how I'd have to drink 50 oz. of water the hour of the ultrasound and then try to hold in my pee during the procedure.  We were racing back from Lexington as I was chugging water in the backseat.  I also managed to spill some water down the front of my jeans which made me look as if I had lost the fight with my bladder. 

If someone had said that behind Door #1 was a million dollars and behind Door #2 was a toilet, I would have chosen Door #2.  But it was worth it.  It has its legs and arms and fingers and toes, and we even got to see its face changing expressions.  It was still a little tiny for us to see the gender, but it won't be long.


  1. Yes, I forgot about the drinking for the ultrasound. I drank extra to be sure they got a good picture, then sat in the waiting room forever. I couldn't even sit down I had to go so bad. I seriously almost cried. It really was cruel and unusual punishment if you ask me!
    So glad you got to see your little one & that everything is great! It will all be worth it I promise :)

  2. No one told me to drink a lot before. But even so I had to pee really bad when I got there and they told me I couldn't use the restroom.