Thursday, May 5, 2011

New eating habits

Things I can't eat now that I'm pregnant:

Ground beef
Salad-98% of the time
Coffee-only lattes in the afternoon
Cereal in the morning-it's the milk
Anything with dairy before noon

Things I eat way too much of:

PB&J-Not so weird, but I normally don't eat jelly.  I will wake up at 2am and eat this without shame.
Peanut butter-We're going through a jar a week; I eat it by the spoonful.
Bread/crackers- It's not so bad now, but those first few weeks were a carb binge.  I personally went through a Sam's Club sized variety box of crackers within 3 weeks.  I have also cried at The Olive Garden for not getting bread fast enough. 

Something weird:

I don't hate sausages [bratwurst, Italian, breakfast], but they've never been my favorite.  However, since I've been pregnant, sausage is what always sounds good for dinner.  Very weird.


I haven't had too many, but I've heard they're coming.  I have off-and-on strongly desired lemon things: lemonade, lemon and pasta, lemon desserts. 
Which brings me to desserts: if I see it, I have to have it.  If it's a commercial, a show on Food Network, or a recipe online, it starts to manifest itself and at some point during the day I will either have to cave in and eat it or cry.  I generally just cave in.  No one wants the ugly cry because of a cupcake.  I try not to eat something too terrible.  Sometimes it's just a spoonful of Nutella, but other times [like last night] I just have to make cookies.  I think I'm going to start buying some Godiva dark chocolate to keep around to help curb those cravings.  Ice cream was big a few weeks ago, but now I'm down to just needing that every other week or so.  I've been planning to go to Graeter's in Louisville on Friday for a week now, and it seems like having my sweets scheduled helps.  Is that weird? 

I'll update this as my tastes change. 

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