Friday, October 7, 2011

About to Pop

According to my calculations, it's time to have this baby.  I'm still 18 days from my due date, but there's no shame in being early.  But, she's still so high up that today my doctor didn't even check my cervix.  Last week the doctor said that he didn't think she would "drop" at all.  Also it seems she's flipped over and my perfectly-head-down-for-the-last-37-weeks baby decided that she's tired of being upside down.  Awesome.  I'll head back to the doctor on Wednesday for a sixth ultrasound and a discussion about when and how we'll deliver her, I presume.  In an effort to make light of an uncomfortable situation, I've compiled a list.

You might be ready to pop if...

Your toes have fat rolls.

You've worn a path from the couch to the bathroom.

You completely fall apart when you see the preview for next week's Parenthood.  [anyone else with me?]

Your husband: puts your shoes on for you, picks up anything below your waist, does all of the cleaning, and considers it a treat when he's invited to share the bed with you rather than sleeping on the couch.

You find yourself obsessed with strange things like dust on the door frames and not letting the recycling pile up.

Dressing up means not wearing one of your husband's t-shirts. 
You swear you can breathe fire.

Your doctor looks at you with sympathy, and even though he's delivered like 2,000 babies he has no freaking idea how you feel and doesn't offer up anything helpful.

You feel like this. I've shared this photo before but it is so worth repeating.

I'm not complaining; I am simply reporting the facts.  We are so thankful to have made it this far and covet your prayers as we face a potentially tricky situation over the next few days of what's left in this pregnancy.  Despite the fact that this was a total derailment to "my plans", it's been a great experience.  I pray that all of my sweet friends who are struggling with conceiving will find their paths to motherhood soon, even if it's not in the way they thought it would happen.  We are grateful to have been given the gift of our daughter, and seriously cannot wait to see her face.

We hope to finish getting everything ready in her room tomorrow [emphasis: hope].  Justin will be installing the carseat and that's really all that's left to do.  It won't be long before she's here, and all of this back pain, frequent urination, and lack of energy will all be worth it.  I have to say, I've enjoyed all of the ice cream and restaurant-picking of the last few months.  Thanks to all of you for offering up such encouraging words throughout this time!  It's been a great experience.  Perhaps not one I'd like to revisit, but amazing nonetheless.

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