Thursday, October 27, 2011


Because I've been so sporadic in blogging lately and will probably continue to be for the next few weeks, I realized that I should take a moment to post anything I've neglected to share.  Although I should probably be dusting something or cleaning my kitchen floors, allow me to pause for a bit and do some sharing. 

First, these Apple Cider Doughnut Holes from Sugarcrafter.  These are especially good when dunked in caramel and sprinkled with a little sea salt.  Just do it.

Here's a picture of my handsome husband after he got the carseat installed.  He's done such a great job on all this stuff.  Pretty soon he'll be putting together her first bike.

Here's one of the pooch.  This was when she was outside while Justin put the carseat in.  It was a warm day so she took the liberty of digging a hole for herself to lay in. 

Here's another one of her napping in the baby's room.

A couple of weeks ago we had a surprise visit from some friends who were in town.  The only thing cuter than this little chunk of a half-Asian baby is the one I'm giving birth to tomorrow.  :)

This picture is from Monday night.  We had a late appointment [when we found out all the info for the c-section] so we met our friends Jean and Chad for dinner.  Jean and I have been friends for about 8 years or so.  We lived together after college and have been there for all the big moments [the small ones, too].  We've definitely seen each other through the best and the worst.  I'm so glad we got to get together and I'm so thankful that she's going to be there with me tomorrow.  I couldn't ask for a sweeter friend!

Yesterday we went back to the hospital [have I mentioned that it's 120 miles round trip???] to do the pre-op and registration stuff.  We met lots of sweet encouraging people throughout our day.  It's amazing how many people will talk to you when you're about to pop.  I know Justin has been praying that we can use this opportunity to share Christ with others, even if it's just through a friendly conversation.  We went to lunch and did a little shopping [not to mention getting soaked as we dashed in and out of stores], and ended our "last date as just us" at Starbucks.  I can still remember the first time we went to this specific location about 7 years ago, long before we started dating.  I remember going to this Starbucks with him the night we started dating.  We used to stop for old time's sake when we visited Lexington while we lived out of state.  Feeling nostalgic, we just had to go yesterday.

Well, I think that's about all of the most recent things to share.  I guess I better go pack my suitcase. 

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