Monday, June 4, 2012

7 months

Another month has flown by!  Things really kicked into high gear for Miss Kathryn Grace in the last month.  She is learning new things all the time and always ready to move.  She is so adorable and such a joy to us.
We did a weigh in a few days ago and she is at 16lbs 10oz, but that was with clothes & cloth diaper.  I'm going to say she's a litle over 16 pounds.  That's close to 2 lbs gained in one month!  I tried to measure her length but she is awfully squirmy.  Looks like about 26 inches though.

Favorite foods: avocado, strawberries, anything blueberry.  She has loved everything except orange carrots [she loves purple carrots]

Diva moments: she is so girly and dainty, and when she doesn't like a situation she gets a high-pitched squeal and kind of throws her hands up in the air.  It's sad.  And cute.

Pet peeves: laying down, car riding, sleeping. (Yawn.)

Teeth: she has none, but she's putting up a fuss and rubbing lots of things on her gums.

Notable achievements: babbling, holding onto our thumbs to stand up, trying to "walk" [takes steps without bending her knees & looks a bit like a German soldier]

Cutest thing ever: loves to get & give kisses. Melts my heart!

Here's to another busy month with our growing girl!

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