Thursday, June 21, 2012

First Father's Day

On Father's Day we celebrated a great daddy [and husband].  He works around 50 [sometimes more] hours a week and yet he's always ready to jump in and help with whatever I need done around the house.  Instead of complaining he compliments.  He doesn't see Kathryn very much because she has just awakened when he leaves for work and has already gone to bed when he gets home.  We love and appreciate him so much.  Kathryn wriggles and shrieks with delight when she sees him.  He can't sit down with her because he has already set the play time standard high. 

We celebrated Father's Day by having hamburgers Saturday night.  Daddy cooked, of course.  He made some amazing onion jam and I made some homemade mayo for the first time [we added chipotles-- but that's another post].  Then we gave him his gifts.
As you can see, it was a Pinterest-inspired Father's Day.  We also got him 2 bow ties which we spent the entire night trying to figure out. While we were working on that Miss Kathryn found her own project to work on. 
On Sunday we decided to drive up and surprise Justin's parents for Father's Day.  It was a great day and Justin got to eat at one of [our] favorite spots, PF Changs.  We also visited The Comfy Cow for ice cream and Heine Bros. for coffee and relaxing music.  It was a great day!
Here are some outtakes from one of our Father's Day projects.  I had planned to do it for a few weeks but hadn't had the chance.  I wanted to do these photos outside but it was just too hot.  I didn't get to go to Hobby Lobby to buy letters so I had to cut them from foam board, which isn't as easy as it sounds.  Either way, I think this project turned out really cute and I know Justin will treasure it.

Father's Day is only once a year but we celebrate Daddy every day!

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