Thursday, June 28, 2012

8 Months

Kathryn Grace is 8 months old today.  It's hard to grasp the reality that in just 4 short months we'll be celebrating her first birthday.  Motherhood is a constant ebb and flow of excitement for what is to come but mourning for what will never be again.

Stats: According to our at home scale, she weighs 17lbs.  I have no idea how long she is because she won't be still enough to measure that.  But I do know her legs are getting too long for her sleepers.

New skills: Waving, talking in her sleep.  People wave at Kathryn all the time so naturally, she thinks that all waves are pointed at her.  When she sees someone or something she wants to wave at, she is really waving at herself.  It's adorable.  Equally as cute is her mumbles and disjointed syllables that come out randomly while she's asleep.  Sometimes it sounds like a whole sentence, complete with hand gestures. 

Sleeping: She has decided that 8pm is her bedtime.  I think we can live with that.  I just need her to stop waking up quite so much between the hours of 11pm and 5am.  Also, it's apparently impossible to sleep without doing this with her legs:
For anyone who just inhaled deeply, that's a mesh bumper.  I had to get it because she whacks her head up against the slats of her crib. No need to contact the authorities.  

Movement: Continuing on the trend from last month, she is determined to stand up.  She pulls up on everything from her crib, the coffee table, me, just whatever she can grasp.  The problem is when she does stand up, she has nowhere to go so she just falls over.  I worry about her getting a concussion because she falls so hard!  She has one spot on her forehead that is always red because that's where she seems to hit each time she falls.  She isn't crawling, but she is showing signs.  She also scoots around on her bottom, using her legs like a spider to propel herself along the floor.  She can get on all fours which is an improvement from last month; she used to fall down because of her lack of upper body strength.

Food: Still eating like a champ!  Loves everything, including what other people are eating.

Claim to fame: Hair.  This girl's hair is halfway down her 8 months old!  It's crazy.  It's getting curlier, too, which is adorable.

What I want to remember: Of course I want to remember everything, but what stands out the most right now is how our relationship is starting to form a social element.  We have little inside jokes, so to speak---things that we laugh at together.  The other night in her bath we both got tickled and giggled for about 5 minutes.  She has a great relationship with her dad of course, but ours is different. It's so fun getting to know her.  Time is going by so fast.  I'm treasuring the little things but also getting excited for her to talk to me and have tea parties.  I am also excited to get more than 2 hours of consecutive sleep. That will come, right?

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