Tuesday, September 28, 2010


My grandmother came to visit last week.  She left this morning.  More on that later.

Let's talk about what I've eaten while she was here.  Breakfast was healthy as usual, lunch was usually somewhere in the middle, and dinner was downright sad.  I should also mention that I've eaten dessert every night for the past week. 

Hence the yoga pants.  Wait, you can't see me...good, because I think I'm bloated.

I bought a half peck of apples so that meant that we needed apple pie.  With a homemade pie crust...full of shortening.  There was cake at the reunion [the reason for the grandmother's visit].  Saturday night we took a little break for pizza.  Carb-o-heaven.  Then there was the blackberry cobbler. 

Last night, I must have fainted and when I came to thought that I needed to make supper for 12 people.  Macaroni and cheese was the culprit of this meal.  Two pork loins were also in attendance.  At one point, the grandmother was jumping up and down to make room for all the food.  I should tell you that we do have leftovers.  Anybody wanna come over?

For the finale, we made molten lava cakes.  With fresh whipped cream.  I had to do it.  My grandmother is a chocolate freak.

There aren't many photos to post on this matter.  But we have a bartop table that was a little tricky for my grandmother maneuver. 

I would start a low-carb diet today, but I'm going to have to wait until we eat all the leftovers.  Thank goodness for yoga pants. 

Thank goodness...

I don't want to spoil anything, but here's a teaser for my next post.  I hope it doesn't keep you up at night!


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  1. BAHAHA! I love the teaser. Wait, is this for-real? Tell me this wasn't at your Nan's reunion?!?! This just might keep me up all night. :) Sounds like y'all whooped it up all weekend! Sounds delicious though!