Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Granny git yer gun.

Have you ever in your whole life seen two almost 80 year old women wielding a gun?  A ladies' Smith & Wesson, I was told.  The woman in the top picture is Betty Lou and the one in the blue shirt in the bottom photo is my Nanny.  These two are best friends.  They've known each other since the 10th grade, and it goes without saying that that's a loooong time!
This is not exactly a great picture, but it shows the reason for Nanny's visit.  It was the class of 1949's 61st high school reunion.  Here are some photos from the evening.
These are the three amigos: Della Vern [I'm not sure if I spelled that correctly], Connee [my nanny], and Betty Lou

Some of the menfolk trying to identify someone in an old photo.

They finally call Betty Lou over to help because she knows everybody [and their business!].

Mr. and Miss Autumn Festival, 1948

 Class of 1948 and 1949, and their spouses
Just the alums

I had a small obsession with the lady on the left.  Her name is Josie, and she looks like a little teeny China doll.  She couldn't hear anything and may or may not have known where she was. 
Here are the BFFs, Connee and Betty Lou.  Nanny stayed with her Thursday thru Saturday, over in Horse Cave.  What a name for a town!  Betty is actually from a place called Bear Wallow.  On Saturday, Betty Lou, along with Della Vern and her sweet husband buddy, brought Nanny back to my house.

I honestly did invite them in for awhile, I just didn't get any photos of that.  I even sent them with apple bread, I promise!

This is Nanny hugging Buddy.  He and Della Vern married and he took her off to Montgomery, AL probably 60 years ago.  He held my hand while I stood in a chair trying to take group photos at the reunion.

This is the cake that I made.  Epic cake failure reigned down on my kitchen last week.  This was the best I could come up with, but they loved it!  Of course, half of them can't see, half of that group probably can't taste, and grandparents will like anything you make so I guess it didn't matter after all.

This is the man who paid for everyone's meal at the lovely Sahara Steakhouse in Cave City, KY.  Don Redford, a real estate giant by trade.  All the women were swooning because he still had his teeth and original kneecaps.  I will say, for an 80 year old man, he's not too shabby.  I thought he was in his 50s.

Let's get back to this craziness.

If you had ever met this woman, you would not be surprised at this photo.  When I took Nanny to her house the day before the reunion, I was schooled in the ways of the world like I had never been before.  First of all, her house is like a museum.  There are antiques everywhere.  There's even a framed wedding invitation from her grandparents who wed on Wednesday, October 30, 1895!  She has never married and lives alone.  When I asked her how old the house was she said, "Well, I was born in this room!"  'Nuff said, I guess.  For some reason, she started talking about drinking and whether or not us sanctimonious Christians should do it.  She said that the way she sees it, she can't have sex and doesn't smoke so nobody should give a @#%^ if she has a sip every now and again.  "You know how people say you shouldn't drink because it'll ruin your influence?  Well, I have a margarita every time I go to Red Lobster and if it ruins my influence then you were weak to begin with!"  Thank you, Betty Lou, for your sancitmonious insight.
Here are some other things that I learned about little old ladies this weekend.
*Sometimes they mistakingly use lip liner as an eyebrow pencil.
*They don't all wear too much perfume.
*Sometimes they get the walkin' farts.  I won't name names.
*The older they get, the more outlandish the stories are.
*Dogs are more interesting than other people.
*They will never fully understand Twitter or Facebook, but I'm too nice to tell them to stop asking questions.
*You better cook that steak right because they WILL send it back!  Multiple times, even.

And finally, you're never too old to hang out with your grandma.  Just pace yourself!

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