Saturday, September 18, 2010

"The Perfect Couple"

Tonight was an interesting night.  A small act of hospitality turned into a quite large one.  I'm not tooting my own horn, but lets just say I'm thankful to know that people feel comfortable in my home.  Two women, one of whom I literally just met moments before she and her child joined me for dinner, were looking at the photo album that stays on my coffee table.  My neighbor kept saying, "They're such the perfect couple".  I started to wonder who she was talking about but then I realized it was me!  I thought, "Wow, if she only knew..."  But then I realized that, you know what?  We are a perfect couple, at least to each other.  It's perfect because we made good choices, and even in our mistakes we have experienced grace from our Lord.  We might not have a lot of money, big fancy jobs, or 2.5 perfect children, but we recognize that we don't have to achieve the standards that are measured by the world.  I hope that those two women will find the match to their "perfect couple" some time soon.
This was in a scrapbook we got for a wedding gift.  It's kind of corny but applicable.

Recipe for a Happy Marriage
1 cup of Consideration
2 cups of Praise
1 small pouch of In Love
1 teaspoon of Contentment
1 gallon of Patience
2 tablespoons of Flattery
1 cup of Encouragement
a dash of Faith and Trust

Blend well.  Sweeten with generous portions of love.  Keep warm with a steady flame of passion.

Serves 2

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