Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yard Sale Week

I had a yard sale about 3 years ago and swore I would never do it again.  Here I am though, preparing for another one.  "It will be better than last time", I keep telling myself. The last one was in Fort Worth, TX and it was approximately 437 degrees outside.  This Saturday's forcast is for far. 

It is much easier to load everything up and take it to Goodwill, but I thought I'd try to make a little cash off of it first.  Because doing 139 hours of sorting, cleaning, labelling, and not to mention trying to duct tape poster board to stop signs is totally worth the $60 I'll make.  Right???

I mean really, what ever possesses a person to think someone else will want to buy the things they don't want anymore?  In this town, yard "sailing" is a sport.  There are people that literally have one every weekend.  Seriously, after 1 or 2 days no one is going to buy your stuff. 

If you're local, I hope you'll come on out this Saturday starting at 7am.  I'm feeling ambitious enough at this point to have a pot of coffee and some muffins on the front porch so if nothing else, come on by and say hi. 

We've got kitchen gadgets, grilling tools, Christmas decor, small furniture, cookbooks [like a million], ipod accessories, and women's clothing in the various sizes I've been over the past few years---to name a few.  I have a set of Southern Living hard-cover cookbooks from 1979-2000.  You ever know what you're going to find at a yard sale, but there are some cute things I've purchased but just never used. 

Hopefully I can make it through the next 3 days without going crazy from all the things piled up.  I've tried to keep it in the guest room but it's starting to take over the rest of the house.  Hope to see you Saturday!

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