Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Double Oven

I need a double oven.  There, I said it. Please spare me from any talk of first world problems. I've always told my patient and dear husband that I don't need diamonds, just buy me a double oven someday.

I/we are always preparing food for something whether it's for the college Bible study in our home, someone who is sick, or just trying to get the freezer stocked with easy meal options. Sometimes it's fun to have a neighbor over for dinner "just because".

Today I am making dinner for someone who had a baby [and hoping to double it for our own dinner] and making cookies for all of the Resident Directors at the university in our town. I also had Bible study this morning and a child who has had 3 major diarrhea moments and a fever. Oh, and I had to go to Wal-Mart.

If I had a double oven I could get all of these things done a lot faster and with, perhaps, a more happy heart.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest you can scold me about how I should be happy to have an oven that works and that I should feel blessed to have money to buy food.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  You have no idea how much guilt I actually do carry about that and perhaps that is why I feel so compelled to feed everyone else in the world at a moment's notice. I'm sorry for indulging in one measley little complaint about my cushy life with one oven.

But I digress.

I bet she didn't have a double oven. At least, not at first.
Happy 100th Birthday, dear Julia.  If you were still here, I wonder what you'd think of all the shows on Food Network.  I wonder what you'd think about those people who travel around eating gigantic sandwiches for a living.  I wonder what sorts of things you'd be cooking. 

Thanks for all you did to inspire. Maybe you had more inspiration on famous chefs or food bloggers or recipe writers than you have had on me, but your inspiring them has taught me a lot.  Thanks for being fearless.

In honor of you, I will pretend that I have enough money to buy something fun for my kitchen like a mortar and pestle.

Maybe I'll just get something I really need, like a double oven.

Just kidding.  What I really need is more cookie sheets.

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