Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ten Months

Miss Kathryn Grace is ten whole months old! She is growing in so many ways and into EVERYTHING.  Due to various head injuries and the fear of her licking batteries or drinking dishwasher soap, we child-proofed and now we can't get into ANYTHING. 

New skills: crawling while carrying something with her, especially her Cabbage Patch "Julie".  She comes everywhere with us. She crawls faster than some people walk. She is also cruising around the living room while holding onto things with one hand. As of Sunday, she is able to stand without assistance. I found this out while she was in her tub [kind of scary]. I guess walking comes next!

Food: She still loves yogurt the most. In fact, she bums ours off of us even when she shouldn't be hungry! We are a Chobani family, I suppose. She also loves smoothies and her fruit/oatmeal that I make for her. This morning she fed herself strawberries and scrambled eggs. What a big girl! She does not like sippy cups but she can drink from a glass. Which means, don't walk away from your drink or she will make it hers.

Sleep: Most days she takes two 2-hour naps.  I'm sure that will change today since I mentioned it. She wakes 2-3 times during the night to nurse.

Concepts: Whether it's a sock or a shoe, she understands that it goes on her foot.  It's so funny to watch her try to put it on. She likes to pull her hairbows out, but she will try to stick them back on her head. She thinks it's really funny to put her bows on my head. She also likes to comb my hair. Speaking of combs, we've had to move to a real hairbrush. Yeah...she's got some hair! She loves story time and will get a book and come sit in my lap to read.

Language: She is really starting to string syllables together.  She babbles all day long, especially to the dog. I wonder what she thinks she's saying. She is using m, n, t, p, d, b, s, g, r, c/k, and maybe a few other sounds.

Fun times: She thinks everything is exciting and fun, for the most part, but some of her favorite things are trying to hug the dog and anything her dad wants to do with her as long as it involves going upside down or tickling.

Social butterfly: She has gotten so much attention since birth from strangers and of course from the rest of us that she is always expecting people to talk to her.  When they don't, she yells until they notice her. She also likes to talk on the phone.  When she hears the ring for the other end she will try get really close to the phone and make loud, one syllable sounds.

I don't know her weight/height because she won't be still enough for me to find out. Her 6 month clothes fit perfectly but she is wearing some 9 months because they are summery and I want her to get some use out of them.

Here's to another month of new discoveries! What will the 11th month hold?

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