Monday, July 5, 2010


I like this girl.

Mostly because she's the only friend I have left that will probably not have children before me.  I think we're competing on who will hold out the longest.  I also like her because she brings me fresh eggs from the hens she keeps on her front porch.  Ok, maybe they're not on her porch, but I imagine them that way.  I haven't been to her farm since she got them.  She is my real-life Pioneer Woman. 

Today we drove up to Danville to meet her and her tall-drink-of-water husband, Chad.  We ate at a random place and then Justin and I got to try out The Hub Coffee House.  I'm definitely going back there. 

Today when I woke up, Bailey's left eye looked like this.  I quickly awakened Justin because I thought her eye socket was hanging out.  After an expensive trip to the vet it was discovered that her third eyelid [third??? really???] was hanging out due to swelling from a small scratch on her cornea.  Hopefully this will be correct soon and not turn into a surgery.  We just got her spade last week.  I don't think my wallet can take any more for right now. 

Right now I'm watching an old episode of Julia Child making a halo cake.  It makes me feel like superwoman because she made so many mistakes and yet look what she accomplished!  I must attribute some of my ability to her, though, for without her trailblazing this "servantless cook" would not be what I am. She was fearless and brilliant all at the same time.

I promise I have many interested blogging topics coming up, including theological thoughts, environmental ideas, and the ever-interesting subject of my thumbs.  That'll keep you coming back for more, won't it?



  1. Speaking of coffee shops, you so need to come to Columbia and eat/drink at the Cafe on the Square. Of course Daniel and I don't drink coffee, but we have heard wonderful things about their coffee. They also make the most wonderful sandwiches (especially the Cuban) and homemade soups!! time we get together...we'll need to head there. :)

  2. Just tell me when and I'll be there! I'm always up for trying something new.