Thursday, November 4, 2010

Back and Better Than Ever

Alright kids, I'm back.
Where was I?
Here's a clue:
We went down to Atlanta because Justin was in a wedding of some dear friends of ours.  We also got to see the 'grand opening' of the new building[s] at the church we used to attend.  It was lovely to spend time with friends in a place that still feels like 'home', and we were welcomed back by our church family on Sunday morning.   It felt like we had never left.  We were kind of surprised at the people literally running up to us and hugging us, asking if we were moving back.  Definitely didn't expect that.  We got to stay with the wonderful Kirtleys, who have always treated us like part of their own family.  Here are a couple pictures from the wedding weekend.

After we left Atlanta, we headed up through the mountains to Gatlinburg, Tn.  If you ever get the chance to travel from Atlanta on highway 441 north, you should do it.  Lots of mountains, great scenery, and fun places to stop.  I spent many parts of my childhood in the north Georgia mountains, so we stopped at some of the hokie things that still cloud my memory and have shaped me into the redneck that I am today. 

This place used to terrify me down to the very fiber of my being.  But I'm ok with it now.  I think....
This tree is at a Dairy Queen in Clayton, Ga.  This Dairy Queen has been around since my dad was a kid.  We used to sit on this low tree branch and eat ice cream cones. 
We used to eat at this restaurant in Dillard, Ga with my grandparents. 
Well, we ended up in Gatlinburg, Tn on Halloween night.  If you've never been to Gatlinburg [like my husband], you're missing out on a real gem.  You can get married, buy a timeshare, and purchase a commemorative airbrushed t-shirt all in the same store.  You can also get your name engraved on a piece of wood or take an old-fashioned photo with your husband.  If he will let you, that is.  This wasn't the year for the old-fashioned photo, but maybe next time.  Eventually, I will wear him down on this issue. 
The scenery was really awesome since the leaves were so colorful.  It wasn't too cold, either.  We didn't do most of the touristy things; it was just nice to be away.  I think it's important to do that sometimes.  This was our first vacation since our honeymoon. 
While we were there, the whole town was putting up its Christmas decorations.  Before we left for this trip, which was before Halloween even, the town we live in had put up its "Happy Holidays" flags downtown.  We went in the Christmas village in Pigeon Forge, stores are already playing Christmas music, and the commercials are even playing!  I am feeling extremely stressed about the holidays right now.  Some people I know are already putting up Christmas decorations.  Stop the madness!  These people are playing mind games with me, making me think I have less time when in all reality, we have more time.  Also, it doesn't help that the word "snow" was tossed around in the weekend forcast for this area.
Does anyone else feel this way?  I'm quite sure I'm not the only one.  Let's take time to enjoy what is actually happening, which is the middle of fall.  Let's prepare ourselves for Thanksgiving, and spend this month feeling a strong sense of gratitude towards our loved ones and especially to our Savior, who has blessed us with abundance in many different ways.  I hope you enjoyed this little photo montage of our vacation.  I'll be back with more recipes tomorrow.  That is, if I ever get this house back in order.  It was clean when we left...I swear.

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  1. you make me smile. i love how you write. miss you.