Monday, November 8, 2010

No Help At All

I think I speak for most Americans [at least the ones who abide by the standard time change rules] when I say that I prefer falling back as opposed to springing forward.  There's no actual 'springing' involved, that's for sure.  I look forward to shorter days and longer nights, accompanied by cold weather and Christmas decor.   We don't need the Christmas decor right now, however.  Especially not when one still has one's Halloween decorations up.  Not that I have a neighbor who has done anything like that.  See: giant inflatable snow globe displaying Santa, and just behind it, the black and orange lights with the pumpkins on the porch. 

We typically go to bed pretty early on Saturday nights since Sunday is technically a 'work' day for my husband.  We were pretty tired so we were in bed by 11, which was really 10.  I was assuming it was 10 at this point.  So I thought it would be pretty nifty to get two extra hours of sleep. 

However, around 5 am I woke up.  I was trying to figure out why I had awakened, besides the fact that my husband had taken all of the covers and I was shivering [that's normal].  I began to hear a scratching sound.  The dog was in her bed on the floor next to me, snoring, and the scratching was coming from across the room.

Startled, I sat up and held my breath so I could figure out what was making that sound, and if it was able to get in my bed with me or not.  I thought it would be a good idea to find out how necessary it was for me to panic.  After a few moments of listening, and almost passing out from holding my breath, I determined that there was a small woodland creature lodged in the wall that seperates our room from our closet.  Which happens to be near the entrance to the attic, which explains how something may have gotten stuck in the wall. 

But it kept scratching.  By this point, Justin was awake, which had awakened Bailey [our fierce protector].  I should tell you that when Bailey wakes up in the middle of the night, we put her in our bed so we don't have to walk her.  She just conks out by my feet and we're good to go.

Don't judge me.

Anyway, we tried to get her to investigate, but she was useless.  I was unable to sleep for fear of the creature chewing through the wall and getting in the closet.  I found some relief in the knowledge that my clothes are not in that closet.  But then I realized it would be terrible if a squirrel/rat/large beatle were to destroy the Gap men's franchise that is my husband's wardrobe.

The good news is, I haven't heard the scratching since yesterday afternoon.  The bad news is....where is it?  I'm assuming it has died.  I'm hoping it won't smell.  We're going out of town for a couple days so I guess we'll know when we get home.

What lesson did I learn?  I can't depend on Bailey for anything.

She would rather spend her time trying not to look guilty.  As if I can't see my socks underneath her paw. 


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  1. hahaha! bailey is a wonderful addition to the mcdonald family! :)

    we set traps before we left for thanksgiving because i saw, let's call them, "clues" that we might have a mouse. but alas, when we got back, no more "clues" and nothing in the traps. things that make you go hmmmm.