Thursday, June 2, 2011

At my house you can always find...

1.  Softened butter on the counter
2.  Clean laundry to put away
3.  Too many dishes that aren't dishwasher safe
4.  Peanut butter
5.  Water in the tea kettle
6.  Cozy blankets to snuggle with
7.  Dust on the blinds
8.  Dog hair on the baseboards
9.  Books that have been half started
10. Something sweet to eat

It doesn't matter if your house is big or small, if you own it or rent it, or even if your house is full of hand-me-down furniture like mine.  We don't have a headboard and we use the two dressers that my husband had as a child.  We'll be clearing out a dresser drawer for the baby's bed...just kidding.
What makes a home is the people in it.  All it takes is love to make a house warm and inviting to all.  Well, love and a little dusting once in a while.
What can people always find at your house?

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