Monday, June 27, 2011

Chocolate Coffee

Here's a delicious tip. Do you know what these are?

They're cocoa nibs.  I got these from AskinosieAskinosie is a fascinating and responsible chocolate company that I like to support.  They have some really intense and exotic chocolate bars, cocoa powder, and their own chocolate hazelnut spread that I am dying to try.

I actually got a big bag of these nibs for Christmas.  You know you have issues when your Christmas list includes obscure foods rather than jewelry, perfume, or purses. 

I wasn't really sure what to do with the nibs but a few weeks ago when my parents were visiting, we added them into a gluten-free scone mix and they were wonderful.  Then my mom, ever-creative, suggested we grind them with our coffee beans to make a sort of homemade flavored coffee.  It totally worked!

For my French press I usually grind 2 scoops of beans, so I just added in 2 scoops of cocoa nibs.  That makes it pretty chocolatey but you could do whatever you want.  It doesn't taste like a chocolate bar or anything, but the true essence of chocolate is definitely present. 

Definitely check out the Askinosie website!  Order some treats for you or someone you care about.  Life is too short to use anything less than the best [and responsible] chocolate.

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