Friday, June 24, 2011

We knew it

When people first found out we were pregnant [we spilled the beans at 12 weeks] they would often ask, "What do you think it is?"  To which I would respond, "A baby, of course."  I didn't have an inkling as to whether this child was a boy or a girl; I just knew it didn't like anything I ate.  For so long I was just trying to make it through the day and not really enjoying pregnancy.  Once I started to feel a bit better [although I didn't stop throwing up until week 20] my husband and I really started to feel like this baby was a girl.

And guess what?


I would love to put one of her ultrasound photos on here, but I don't have a scanner and let's be honest, who really knows what they're looking at in those pictures anyway?  Every time people show those pictures off I just smile and say "Oh yeah, so cute!", when I really have no idea what I'm seeing.  Admit it, you're the same way.  :)

We got a great shot of her little profile and a definite view of her lady parts.  Justin and I were so amazed at the gift of techonology that allowed us to see her bladder, kidneys, heart chambers, lips, etc.  Moreover, we were in awe of how God has created her.  I mean HOW...?  I've always been amazed at the science of human development but when it actually happened inside me, well, I'm just speechless...stunned...moved to tears. 

And Justin is a puddle.  He is so excited.  We've always joked that he'd be a daddy to daughter[s] due to his athleticism and love of superhero movies.  The Lord knows I can't handle any more of that that just yet.  And maybe that means our next baby [through adoption] is a boy.  We already bought him a frame for his desk to hold one of her pictures.  He's in love!

I've already gotten a million questions about her name.  I posted here an initial list of names we were considering.  However, we won't announce anything official until her birth day.  Mostly because we probably won't decide until we see her little face.  It's not as if she's going to have this awesome name that we want to unveil like a piece of artwork.  It's just that in this day in age there aren't many things left up to surprise with pregnancy, and we think it will be fun for everyone to find out on her birth day.  Even if that's when we find out, too. 

Thanks for your prayers as we continue down this journey!  Only 17 more weeks--yikes!

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