Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It is my birthday.

Today I am 28.  I will remain 28 for the next 12 years, and then I will turn 30.  Ok?

I almost forgot that today was my birthday, and kind of figured other people would forget since all the attention is on this baby.  Thank goodness Facebook so kindly reminds us of these things.

What does one ask for one's birthday gifts when one is getting old and has a child on the way?  Money is always good.  What about a foot spa, or a carpet cleaner?  Still too young for that, I suppose.  I have asked for an uninterrupted trip to Hobby Lobby, but I'll have to wait until my next trip to the big city [Friday] since the closest thing we have to that where I live is well, nothing. 

I'm not really doing anything special today.  I'm home on the couch with the dog and no vehicle to go anywhere, even if I wanted to.  When your birthday is on a Tuesday, it kind of stinks.  One day when it's my birthday I'll go to a spa.  Maybe have lunch with friends [that I'll hopefully live near] and not have to do laundry.  For the record, I could let the laundry go another day. 

What kind of cake am I having?  Well, I wasn't going to have any.  Even bakers shouldn't have to make their own birthday cakes.  There's an amazing bakery about an hour away that I'd love to get some cupcakes from, but it's an hour away.  And today is Tuesday, if you forgot, and my husband is working.  So we are going to make homemade coconut chocolate chunk ice cream.  But what's a birthday without cake?  Maybe I could make one anyway.

I'm thankful for another year of life.  I'm thankful, nervous, excited, uncomfortable for this little 32 week gestated bundle of chubby wubby that we get to meet soon.  Thirty-two weeks from now she'll be about 6 months old.  Wonder what I'll write about then?

Here's to a great day.  Wish you could share some cake with me.  At least, if you were here, I'd have a reason to make a whole cake. 

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