Thursday, August 11, 2011

To my husband: some things I just love about you.

1.  You make me laugh.  How could I do life without your humor?

2.  Even though you went to seminary and even though you're a "pastor", you still seek the Lord like it isn't your job.  I appreciate that.

3.  You balance me out.  When I don't have control over my emotions, you're calm, and vice versa. [And we both know it's mostly vice versa.] 

4.  You think I'm great.  You always brag about me and even though I act like it embarasses me, deep down I know it's because you really do think I'm great.  And that's important for a wife to know.  I think you're great, too.

5.  When your job is full of thankless tasks like cleaning up garbage or unclogging toilets, you never complain.  Even though I sometimes want to go get you a job application to Home Depot, you keep pressing on and doing what you know you were put on earth to do.  I don't understand it, but I admire it.

6.  I am also thankful that even though your job can be demanding from other people, you never let anyone jump me in line.  You always put me first, and you don't care what other people think about it.  You are a great example for other men [especially pastors] in this.  You understand that it isn't about balancing work and family but simply put, family comes first.  End. of. story.  Booyah.

7.  You are a great daddy.  Even though she isn't here yet, our little girl is fiercely loved and protected by you.  I can't wait to watch you hold her, teach her how to kick a soccer ball, and some day--tear-- walk her down the aisle.

8.  You love to cook.  I know sometimes I'm picky about how you do things, but you forgive me anyway.  I do love to let you cook, really.  BUT...I mostly love cooking with you.

9.  You keep getting handsomer.  Is that a word?  Thank you for taking care of yourself physically so that not only you get to complete the ministry you were called to do, but so that you can be here as long as possible for our family.  I like still being attracted to you...and I know you like that I like that ;).

10.  You've been such a trooper through this pregnancy.  Even though you never held my hair back while I puked, you've given me enough massages to more than make up for that.  For something that can be so scary [not to mention disgusting], you've handled it with grace and been a great support.  Thanks again for that time you had to pull off the side of the interstate real quick so I didn't have to puke in my purse.  That was a close one.

11.  You love to help me.  Whether it's the time I decided to make 500 cupcakes in 1 day or when we need to vaccuum behind the couch, you're there.  And I know when it's time to swoosh the baby's poopy diapers in the potty, you'll be there then too.  Wait, have I not told you about that?  It's part of cloth diapering 101, which I haven't presented to you yet...

12.  You spoil me.  I never have to take out the trash or do any "dirty" work, unless I just want to...and I usually don't.  You encourage me to get pedicures and buy all the things I "need".  It's nice to be taken care of.

I hope this made you feel good, honey.  :)

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