Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Some Assembly Required

Getting ready for a baby is a lot of work!  I have been in full nesting mode for a few weeks now and the projects seem never-ending.  From cleaning out closets to dusting air vents, this mama's work is never done!  Of course, when you don't want to spend a lot of money on things you kind of make more work for yourself by redoing old furniture and making things yourself.  Even though it seems like we've done a lot to prepare, we really have so far to go!  Here are some fun pictures on baby progress so far.  As you can tell, I mostly just sit on the couch with my camera and offer emotional support to my endearing husband.

The Pack-n-Play
This was our first big thing that we got and Justin was excited to put it together the day it came in the mail.

We chose this Pack-n-Play based on the recommendation of a friend and the fact that it is gender-neutral.  It's a Graco that we got from Target.  If you're interested, here it is!  It even vibrates and plays music on a timer.  It was really simple to put together and we already have it next to our bed, all ready for our snuggly baby to sleep in.  Everybody say "aww...".

The Travel System
This was another item Justin couldn't wait to assemble.  He would have already put the carseat in the car if I hadn't stopped him.  Again, this was purchased from Target.  Here's the link.  We went with a jogging stroller because it seemed more durable and practical.  Not that I plan on taking up jogging or anything...

The stroller only took about 5 minutes to put together.  Maneuvering the carrier is a little tricky, though.  I can't figure out how it goes on and off, but I'm quite sure the problem lies with me. 

It was at this point that our sweet puppy realized that something big is happening.  She has tolerated the baby clothes all over the floor, dealt with the UPS man ringing our doorbell weekly, but this was quite enough for her.  I think her face says it all.  And then Justin put her in the stroller, which was seriously enough.  She didn't talk to us for 2 days.  :)

Painting her room

Painting her room was kind of a challenge.  I often find myself paralyzed by design decisions, do you?  We definitely didn't want pink all over the place, or really anything too rainbow-ish.  The color we chose is Pelican by Valspar.  It's exactly what I pictured in my head.  It's light, bright, and kind of grayish/blue.  In a word: calm.  We can add pops of color through her accessories and bedding.  I'd paint my whole house this color, actually.  Justin worked hard and it looks great!


  1. We got the same travel system for Carson and LOVE it. I highly recommend a jogging stroller.

  2. i love a good jogging stroller!